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Social Media FAQs


What social media platforms can you manage for me?


The short answer to this question is “whichever platforms you want!” As a fully functioning social media agency, we have experience managing platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.   We can manage all of your social media platforms, or just one or two, dependent on what you are looking for. 


Who will design my posts?


We do all of that for you. We will design your social media posts based on the content plan that we have agreed. You might have your own photos or videos you want to share, which we can build into the plan or use within the posts we design. Or we can use images that we source ourselves. Whatever you need! 


How do I know which social media platforms to use for my business?


If you are not using any social media when you come to us, or you might be unsure if you are using the best platforms for your business, we can help right at the start. We will get a thorough understanding of your business and the goals you want to achieve, then recommend the best social media platform(s) for achieving this. 


What if I don’t know what I want to post?


That’s fine – that’s what we’re here for! When we have got an understanding of your business and your goals, we will produce a social media content plan covering the month ahead. You will be able to sign off the plan before we go to work, and we will go through it with you so that we can make any tweaks based on your feedback. 


How much does social media management cost?


Our social media management costs are based on the number of platforms that we manage and the frequency of the posts.   Our packages start at just £75 per month for management of a single platform, right up to £220 if you want to have your advertising campaigns managed across multiple platforms. 


How do I know how well my social media is performing?


We will send you a report at the end of each week to show the activity that has been completed and the results that have been generated. Dependent on the social media platform we are reporting on, we will show you the number of new followers, interactions with your page’s posts, your audience reach, comments, shares, and anything else relevant to that platform and your activity. 


How long will the contract be?


We don’t like to tie our clients into anything long term with our social media management, because we know that smaller businesses often need the flexibility. Our packages are offered on a monthly rolling contract, giving you the opportunity to scale things up or down every month. 

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