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What is an SEO audit service and why do I need one?

SEO audit services come in many shapes and forms, but essentially, they exist to shine a light on your online visibility and how it can be improved.

If you are looking to improve your current SEO efforts, or even if you have done no previous SEO work, an SEO Audit service can help you to gain a really good picture of where you are right now in terms of your website’s online presence and search engine visibility.

What is an SEO audit?

In short, an SEO audit service will look at various SEO related factors and how your website performs against them. Some will provide you with an overall score in each area, and others will give you a more detailed breakdown of the areas you are performing well in, and where you can make improvements.

What will an SEO Audit tell me?

Dependent on the individual audit, this can be quite varied, however, some of the areas covered may include:

  • The overall technical health of your website and any issues that require fixing

  • Your overall online visibility

  • The keywords you are currently ranking for in search engines

  • The keywords your competitors are ranking for

  • Any keyword gaps that you are missing out on

  • Recommendations for how you can improve your SEO strategy

It can be a lot of information to digest, but if you are new to SEO, the person running the audit should offer to talk it through with you an explain their findings.

How much does an SEO Audit service cost?

This again varies on who is running the audit, but according to Google, and SEO audit can cost anywhere between £400 and £1,000.

Some SEO companies, such as Squish Marketing, will offer you a website audit completely free. A free SEO audit service is a great way to get an understanding of where you website is right now in terms of visibility, without having to commit to any kind of on-going work.

Who can run SEO audit services?

Marketing agencies/consultants and SEO companies will be able to run an SEO for you using their professional SEO auditing tools.

You should always make sure you are using a reputable agency/individual for your audit, and if you feel unsure, check out their website and their online reviews.

How can I get an SEO Audit today?

You can search for SEO audit services in Google. Also, offer a completely free SEO audit which will we run for you within 24 business hours! Take a look at the SEO page of our website to learn more.

SEO Audit Services
What is an SEO Audit Service

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